CenoLabs is going to revolutionize the Internet of Things

Two main blocking issues prevent Internet of Things (IoT) from taking off: First there is a severe lack of programmability, i.e. easy means to build comprehensive service logic, which is critical to create significant value. Second there is no technology in place, which ensures security, privacy and reliability to keep sensible IoT data and services in a tightly user controlled environment. In particular this is true for those critical cases where IoT services need to extend into the cloud.

CenoLabs builds an IoT platform, which overcomes those issues. The unique technology combines a virtually central and local private cloud with lightweight interfacing mechanisms to all kind of sensors and actors. The platforms brain, a powerful but easy to use scripting language enables everybody to easily and quickly build comprehensive services. IoT service execution can span across private and public resources if needed. The platform autonomously ensures that service logic is executed on most appropriate resources to guarantee data privacy and provide service reliability.